Crombie Ltd.
3 Stanhope Gate, W1K 1AG London (UK)
Tel: +44 7770 874611

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Founded in 1805, the Crombie trademark became renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, earning its place among the founding fathers of modern luxury. It is now synonymous with authentic British style, as it’s stated in the Oxford English Dictionary: “crombie, The name of J & J Crombie Limited, a Scottish firm of clothmakers, used to designate a type of overcoat, jacket, etc., made by them”.

The 20th century’s most enduring icons, such as Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Cary Grant and The Beatles, carried our understated, effortless style into the modern age. The brand’s enduring simplicity and elegance have allowed it to be rediscovered afresh by every generation. Today we continue our unique tradition – one of unrivalled heritage, unsurpassed quality, and unequalled style.

We attend Moda@Baglioni since June 2015, choosing it because the Grand Hotel Baglioni is well known and well situated.