Sartoria Carrara S.r.l.
Via Martiri di Cefalonia 1, 54100 Massa
Tel: (+39) 0585 831589

Visit us at STAND 115


Sartoria Carrara is based in the marble forged landscape of the Alpi Apuane in North-West of Tuscany. The region is unique in its deep tailoring history, and here our local artisan tailors create our suits by hand, preserving the skills and traditional practices that are so essential to a suit’s beauty.

Our Italian style jackets are characteristically extremely light weight, comfortable and brilliantly soft. We employ traditionally pad-stitched floating canvas chest basted to ensure an unimpeded expression of the cloth’s character in all of ours jacket lines.

We’ve coupled our artisanal hand-tailored know how with the latest technology to create a seamless “Su Misura” service based on our web-app MySuit.